Back and knee pain due to have hip replacement
I had my first Bowen treatment on 20/1/2015 for referred pain in my back and knee. I stopped taking my painkillers immediately as a test ( i was taking naproxen and 8 co-codamol a day) and haven’t taken one since.
I really don’t understand the science of how it works but all I know is that I have been on painkillers of varying strengths for 20 years and within a week I became pain free and have continued to be so ever since.
I am due to have my hip replacement next week and will continue with Bowen to aide my recovery. Kate Harrison.
Pain due to trauma
I had been kicked by a horse on my outer thigh so hard it lifted me off the ground and threw me. It hurt so much to bear any weight on it or even just to move it. I was limping all of the next day until Alison gave me a Bowen treatment. It had been 24 hours since the kick and to my complete amazement I got off the treatment table with almost no pain and barely a limp. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Bowen therapy is truly a great healer
and I recommend it very highly to all my friends. Tanya Foster.
Chronic migraines
Bowen is amazing, I have had a Bowen treatments for different things but I think the most mind blowing being for chronic migraine and i mean totally debilitating unable to function neurological migraine that I have suffered all my life. I have had numerous drugs from the doctor over the years but to no avail. A Bowen treatment can send it on his way within hours instead of the normal 4 days. Regular treatments seem to stop them from happening at all. I'm so grateful I discovered this amazing therapy. Caroline Rawlings.

Spring Chicken - or old crock?
About two years ago, I was suffering from a stiff shoulder, cranky hip and bad cramp at night, together with other aches and pains. It was suggested that Bowen could help and, over the next few months, I had regular treatments from Alison. These treatments consisted of gentle movements and lasted up to 45 minutes. My mobility improved greatly and I was able to reduce my painkillers.  I now have a monthly treatment to maintain my present fitness and address any niggles.
I am very happy with her punctuality, professionalism and demeanour and would recommend Alison’s Bowen treatments to anyone suffering pain and discomfort.
I am approaching my 80th birthday, but most of my friends think I am much younger, due to my body's flexibility: so, with Bowen's help, definitely Spring Chicken!
Mrs P. Brown

Excruciating arm and shoulder
I woke up one morning basically unable to move my left arm – I couldn’t type and couldn’t drive. Luckily Alison was able to fit me in quickly – the treatment was very relaxing and completely painless. By the end of my first treatment, I was able to move my arm a little and the treatment continued to take effect over the next week. I was able to drive again within 4 days and by the time I saw Alison again, a week later, I had better movement in my shoulder than I’d had for months or maybe even years! The niggling pain/ discomfort between my shoulder blades that I hadn’t been able to shift for ages was also gone and thankfully hasn’t returned. I’ve since been recommending Alison to all my family and friends.
 Helen Muir

Dolly is my 30 something year old cob.  
Due to her age and previous injuries, Dolly has arthritis and muscle tension which cause her a lot of difficulty  day to day.  However, some years ago, Alison introduced us to Bowen and I can't tell you just how much this has helped improve Dolly's quality of life. Its totally non invasive, enjoyable for Dolly and in fact she goes to sleep during most treatments.  In our case, the improvement each time is immediate with Dolly much happier and her movements are visibly so much better.  I have no hesitation in recommending Alison's bowen treatments
. Annette Appleby. 


I became interested in Bowen having had a Bowen treatment for tennis elbow. I had struggled for a number of months going from medications and various other treatments none of which seemed to help until I tried Bowen. After my first treatment I could feel a difference in my elbow and within 10 days the pain had completely dissipated and has so far never returned. Within 6months I had enrolled on a course to learn more about this incredible therapy. I’ve been qualified for a number of years now and have never looked back. I continue to be amazed by how effective Bowen is. Last year I also qualified as an equine Bowen Therapist and have since worked with a number of different horses all in different stages of their working lives.


In order to qualify as an Accredited Practitioner, all therapists must have a qualification in The Bowen Technique, Anatomy and Physiology, a current First Aid Certificate, Professional Indemnity Insurance and have undertaken additional Bowen studies of at least 14 hours in the previous year.

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