Bowen is suitable for every horse in any age group and in every sphere of training from high level competition horses to low level hacking. It is also a safe therapy for pregnant mares and foals. Bowen seeks to boost the horse's own natural healing capabilities, assisting it to adjust and heal itself.

Bowen has been designed to stimulate the systems of the body to effectively self-heal by ensuring that the body is realigned and brought back into balance.  When a horse is having a treatment it's common to see changes such as licking and chewing, heavy breathing, yawning, veins becoming more prominent and stretching.

Why would I book a Bowen treatment for my horse?

The horse is a natural athlete and is designed to move with freedom in an unimpaired way. Any restriction of this freedom is likely to be accompanied by pain, discomfort, unsoundness and behaviour changes, to mention but a few.   The gentle nature of Bowen means that the treatment is not forced on the horse and they find the treatment a positive and relaxing experience.

Bowen can help with the following common problems:

  • Stiffness on one rein
  • Heavy in the hands
  • High and low head carriage.
  • Stretching of the neck.
  • Tightening in front or restriction of the shoulders.
  • Unevenness of motion perhaps with some saddle slippages.
  • Unexplained deterioration in performance.
  • A shortening of Stride.
  • Wrong strike off to canter.
  • A sore or cold back.
  • Sore or tense withers.
  • Disunited in canter.
  • Muscle wastage or uneven muscle development.
  • Any sort of restricted movement in lateral work particularly in young green horses.
  • Moving too close or too wide behind.

What can I expect from a Bowen Treatment?

I will chat with you before the treatment to discuss any specific issues. On arrival I will perform an initial visual inspection and see your horse move. From this target areas can be identified then the treatment that takes 30-45 minutes will take place. Once the treatment is over your horse will need some time off to process the changes brought on by the treatment.

The equine Bowen technique is accepted as a manipulative therapy along with physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic by the Royal College for research and under the veterinary surgery (exemptions) order 1962.

A photo of Tonto who has kissing spines taken before his first Bowen Treatment on the 30.04.14. He has tension overall and tended to stand with both back feet turned out. His behaviour was pushy and it wasn’t uncommon for him to bite.
This is Tonto after his second treatment a week later on the 07.05.14. He has less tension in his muscles and looks and was more relaxed

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I became interested in Bowen having had a Bowen treatment for tennis elbow. I had struggled for a number of months going from medications and various other treatments none of which seemed to help until I tried Bowen. After my first treatment I could feel a difference in my elbow and within 10 days the pain had completely dissipated and has so far never returned. Within 6months I had enrolled on a course to learn more about this incredible therapy. I’ve been qualified for a number of years now and have never looked back. I continue to be amazed by how effective Bowen is. Last year I also qualified as an equine Bowen Therapist and have since worked with a number of different horses all in different stages of their working lives.


In order to qualify as an Accredited Practitioner, all therapists must have a qualification in The Bowen Technique, Anatomy and Physiology, a current First Aid Certificate, Professional Indemnity Insurance and have undertaken additional Bowen studies of at least 14 hours in the previous year.

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