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Bowen technique is a non-intrusive complementary hand on holistic therapy that can be performed through light clothing using gentle moves with thumb and fingers over precise points of the body to encourage the body’s innate ability to relieve pain and repair. It’s a safe gentle and relaxing therapy that’s suitable for all ages from babies through to the elderly, showing consistent positive results for many different conditions. Bowen moves stimulate the muscles and soft tissue thus creating stress release, better blood flow and relaxation of previous tension in the muscle groups which enables better movement leaving you feeling in alignment and allowing the body to find previous equilibrium.


Each session will vary according to the problems of the client. Where possible the client will begin lying supine on a treatment table, moves will be made over the lower back and legs, then upper back and shoulders. The client will be asked to turn over, again initiating the same light moves to the legs, torso, neck and head. Bowen can also be performed whilst sitting on a chair or when treating babies the guardian would be asked to hold the child.  One of the features of the work is that between sets of moves the therapist will leave the room for a few minutes and allow the client to relax and process the information. The breaks give the nervous system a chance to establish the correct actions. In the process other information can be gathered by the body and it is common for areas not being directly treated to respond to the treatment – the treatment is holistic, benefiting the whole body. The moves aren’t painful and so therefore enabling the client to relax and enjoy the treatment. Reactions to treatment are not uncommon and are all part of the healing process.


Advice given to each client will emphasize the importance of gentle movement but no excessive exercise or heavy lifting for at least 24 hours after the treatment.  Drinking enough water to keep you sufficiently hydrated and to get a good night’s sleep. It’s not uncommon to feel a difference in your wellbeing after the first treatment but depending on your condition the therapist would normally recommend at least three treatments, possibly more if you have a chronic condition.

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I became interested in Bowen having had a Bowen treatment for tennis elbow. I had struggled for a number of months going from medications and various other treatments none of which seemed to help until I tried Bowen. After my first treatment I could feel a difference in my elbow and within 10 days the pain had completely dissipated and has so far never returned. Within 6months I had enrolled on a course to learn more about this incredible therapy. I’ve been qualified for a number of years now and have never looked back. I continue to be amazed by how effective Bowen is. Last year I also qualified as an equine Bowen Therapist and have since worked with a number of different horses all in different stages of their working lives.


In order to qualify as an Accredited Practitioner, all therapists must have a qualification in The Bowen Technique, Anatomy and Physiology, a current First Aid Certificate, Professional Indemnity Insurance and have undertaken additional Bowen studies of at least 14 hours in the previous year.

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